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In addition to our personal injury practice, R&K assist clients in will, estate, and probate matters.   

It is vitally important that everyone have a valid will prepared by an attorney who is familiar with the law.  It insures that, in the event of your death, your assets will go where you want, rather than distributed according to a set formula outlined by state law.  Drafting a valid will requires a high degree of legal precision.  Considerations may include trusts for minor children, whether you need to consider estate planning for tax purposes, or the inclusion or exclusion of certain relatives or friends.  You may want a Business Power of Attorney, naming a person to take care of your finances should you become so disabled that you cannot do so on your own.  Everyone should consider a Business Power of Attorney.  If you become incapacitated suddenly (for example, you are in a coma because of a car accident), it will save your family from having to go through the costly and emotionally draining procedure of petitioning a probate court to become your legal guardian.  The lawyers at R&K believe it is important that every person have a Health Care Power of Attorney, we provide one at no charge to all of our clients.   

the Death of a Loved ONE INTESTATE

Upon the death of a relative or person close to you, there are petitions which must be filed in the Probate Court of the county in which the decedent resided at the time of his/her death.  The type of petition that must be filed depends on whether the decedent had a will or died without one.  If there is a will, the person named as the personal representative will file a petition asking the Court to legally appoint them as executor.  If someone dies "intestate", a petition must be filed asking the court to appoint an administrator of the estate.  A personal representative for the estate will be appointed by the court. The personal representative has the responsibility to collect the assets of the estate, pay off the outstanding debts, and distributing what remains of the assets to the heirs or named beneficiaries.

The Administration of Probate in Atlanta

Probating a will is often an administrative procedure.  Sometimes, however, disagreements arise and the heirs or beneficiaries find themselves in a disagreement which must be decided by the court.  Each attorney at R&K has over 30 years of experience preparing wills and litigating estate issues.  Our Atlanta Probate law firm has represented a full range of clients.  Our proven experience and in-depth knowledge of probate law give our clients the confidence that their affairs are being handled professionally and with the utmost competence.Call us now for your free initial consultation at your "Atlanta Winning Attorneys."





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