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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have devastating, long-term effects. Some TBI's are immediately apparent and some only become noticeable over time. The science describing brain function and diagnosing brain injury is constantly evolving. What was called a "good hard hit" in football just ten years ago is now cause for instant on field medical evaluation for concussion. Brain injuries are not like broken bones that heal over time. Science has proven that a few seemly insignificant concussions in youth can lead to devastating results in old age. The same holds true for victims of head trauma of any kind, by any mechanism: car accident, truck accident, vehicle accident of any kind, falls, assaults, failed medical procedures, toxicity, stroke, cerebral hypoxia or hypoxic-anoxic injury, electrical shock, drug overdose, near drowning, industrial commercial exposure, heart attack. The mechanisms of traumatic brain injuries are countless, and the traumatic brain injury lawyers at R&K in our 35 years of practice in Georgia and across the United States, have handled them all, from gun shots to low speed rear impacts and everything in between.

Skilled accident attorneys are required to present traumatic brain injury cases

From a legal standpoint, getting a good result from a TBI case is difficult. Insurance companies do everything possible to minimize the damages. Insurance company lawyers are quick to point out that the plaintiff "looks just like you and me". The very real pain and suffering endured by people who have suffered even minor brain injury is not apparent to the casual observer. Sometimes it takes prolonged intimate contact, such as between family members, to notice the effects of a TBI. In our law practice, we employee only the best neuropsychological experts to explain to a jury the extent and long term consequences of TBIs. The attorneys at R&K have 35 years experience with traumatic brain injury cases. The easiest cases are often the most obvious because there is clear visible evidence of brain damage on an MRI, CT or other scan.. But the so-called "invisible TBI's" (not visible to the tools of current neuroscience) are nonetheless very real and have a devastating effect on our clients livelihood, their family, and their enjoyment of life. It takes skilled attorneys, along with skilled experts, to know how to present the TBI case and the damages flowing from the traumatic brain injury to an insurance adjuster, to a mediator, to opposing counsel, and, should it become necessary, to a jury during a trial.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a negligent act which caused a traumatic brain injury, there are some things you can do to help if a claim is eventually made against the negligent person or corporation. Get the best specialized medical help available immediately. (Many of our clients, in Georgia or out-of-state, treat or have treated at the Shepherd Center here in Atlanta.) Not only is it important to get the best medical treatment quickly, but the testimony of specialized, top tier physicians will be essential to your legal case. Hiring an attorney soon after the incident is vital. Attorneys who have been up and down the legal road with TBIs know exactly what medical evidence, mechanical engineering evidence (in the case of impact cases like car accidents and falls or assaults) and physical evidence must be obtained, preserved and explained to a jury. Our traumatic brain injury team is trained to obtain and preserve all evidence to prove fault or negligence in your case, but also to obtain and preserve all evidence of damages. The legal fight in these cases is often not about the cause of the injury. The defense will often roll-over on liability and admit their client injured the plaintiff. The real fight is proving the damages. And the ultimate fight is often in proving the utter devastation caused by the traumatic brain injury. R&K has 35 years of doing it all. We have recovered millions of dollars for people with so-called "invisible" injuries. We know that just because science can't point to broken bones on x-rays, or gory pictures of injuries, TBI injuries are profound and long-term. We can convey the cause, and resultant devastation our clients experience to defense counsel, insurance adjusters, mediators and most importantly, juries, to ensure our TBI clients get the full compensation they deserve. Time is of the essence in putting together a solid case. Do not hesitate to call our specialized Georgia brain injury attorney team at the law offices of R&K immediately following any injury or head trauma or traumatic brain event. Just as you want the best medical help, you also want the best legal assistance to secure the long-term financial assistance that your recovery will require. We only hire the best experts to help put our cases together. Call our Georgia brain injury attorney team now at R&K. We can be reached toll-free at 1-(800) 475-6182 or locally here in Atlanta at (404) 477-0959. Your initial consultation is always free of charge. We have reviewed or handled cases involving Diffuse Axonal Injury, Anoxic Brain Injury, Hypoxic Brain Injury, Coup-Contrecoup Injury, Closed Brain Injury, Open Brain Injury, Anoxic Event, Second Impact Syndrome or Recurrent Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussions, Penetrating Brain Injury, and Shaken Baby Syndrome.

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