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Life insurance companies are supposed to pay life insurance policy benefits to the named beneficiaries of the policy.  These insurance policies often contain language that insurance carriers use to their  advantage  to deny, limit or reduce their obligation to an estate or the beneficiaries.   In accidental death policies, for example, there is often language in the policy which allows the insurance company to deny benefits if the cause of death was related to alcohol or drugs, either prescription or recreational.  Sometimes there is a dispute as to whether a change of beneficiary form  executed shortly before death was signed under duress or while the policy owner was legally incompetent with dementia or Alzheimers disease, which allows the insurance company to delay payment of benefits.    Another common reason for denial is that the insured was not truthful about his/her medical history on the insurance application.   Sometimes a company's denial of payment is valid, but often it is not.  Both the legal and factual issues in these cases are often complicated.  The lawyers at R&K deal with these issues regularly, and our success rate in reversing an initial denial of benefits is impressive.  We have obtained millions of dollars in life insurance benefits for our clients which were initially denied. 

Payment of Life Insurance in georgia

If you or a family member  is currently involved in a dispute with an insurance carrier over the payment of life insurance benefits, you  need the assistance of an attorney experienced in this area of the law. Each sentence in an insurance policy has been drafted by lawyers, and the construction of those words and sentences  is a highly specialized area of the law.   Sometimes the wording in the policy is ambiguous, and the Georgia courts have stated that any ambiguity should be construed against the insurance carrier and in favor of the policyholder..   A skilled attorney  can make the difference between payment and non -payment of the policy benefits.

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There is no substitute for experience when dealing with recalcitrant or unethical insurance carriers who hide behind legal subtleties in order to renege on their responsibilities to their policyholders.  Each attorney at R&K has over 30 years of  experience.  Call us  toll free at (800) 475-6182 or locally here in Atlanta at (404) 477-0959.  Your initial consultation is free.

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