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When you board a bus or a train to travel you do so with the full expectation that you will arrive safe and sound at your destination. If you or a loved one has been injured in a mass transit accident there are a number of potential tortfeasors that may be liable for your injuries. They might include the bus or train companies, the driver of the vehicle, the driver of the colliding vehicle, the manufacturer of the vehicle and even the provider of some specific, failed components of the vehicle. Our mass transit accident attorney team at The Law Offices of Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. can help to sort out the different liabilities to assure that you receive full compensation for your injuries.

The type of injuries usually sustained in a mass transit accident tend to be severe and can leave you with life-long disabilities, such as broken bones, brain trauma, cranial and spinal cord injuries and amputation of limbs. They can result from train derailments, truck collisions with a train or a bus, or a bus hitting a bicyclist or pedestrian. The first task of Georgia accident attorney team is to gather all the facts and pinpoint the responsible parties to be named in your claim.  Mass transit accidents are not just a common car accident on steroids. Bus, train, airplane and other “common carriers” as they are called are regulated by a complicated set of federal regulations which demand strict adherence to their guidelines. If there is deviation from these standards, you are entitled to be compensated. Oftentimes that liability must be apportioned among several negligent persons and corporations.

For the best attorney representation in Atlanta it is vitally important that you call us immediately after such an incident. An important rule of thumb is that you should not talk to any insurance agent about your accident experience until you have first had the opportunity to talk with one of our mass transit accident attorneys. You should not prematurely accept any offer of settlement until we have fully assessed the long-term value of your claim. We will sit with you and examine the facts and discuss all of your legal options. Working together we can assure you of the highest possible financial award to get you moving forward with your life once again. Don’t hesitate to call The Law Offices of Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. toll free at 800-475-6182 or at 404-523-2844 locally here in the Atlanta area. Your initial consultation will be free of charge.

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