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It is no laughing matter to state that doctors get to bury their mistakes. They do so to the tune of nearly 100,000 victims every year. That is nearly twice as many as were killed during the twelve-year duration of the War in Vietnam and is more than four times the number of people who are killed yearly in fatal automobile accidents. And that is merely the tip of the iceberg. The combined number of debilitating injuries wrecked upon patients per annum through negligence of hospitals, misdiagnosis by doctors and error in prescribing medications now exceeds 1,300,000. The sobering truth of the matter is that a hospital is one of the most dangerous places you will ever be so unfortunate as to find yourself, and, it is no exaggeration to state that the delivery of health care in the United States is in a state of crisis with respect to quality.

If you are the victim of an instance of medical malpractice which has exacerbated a serious illness, caused a major disability, created a new medical condition with the need for ongoing, repetitive surgeries, or which has resulted in the tragic loss of a cherished family member, our Atlanta medical malpractice attorney team at the law offices of Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. will be of indispensible service to you.

FIGHTING MEdical Malpractice in GEORGIA

We offer aggressive, no-nonsense legal representation to the injured or their families in cases of birthing injuries, pediatric meningitis, cases that involve a failure to properly diagnose, injury sustained through radiation therapy, anesthesiology errors and many other disparate causes. If you were insured through Kaiser Permanente our negotiating skills can be employed to forcefully arbitrate your claim to a generous financial settlement. We at Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. can represent your family even if you have lost a loved one through suicide, if that individual was under psychiatric treatment at the time of their death.

Unfortunately, the playing field of medical malpractice law in Georgia is far from level. It has been unfairly tilted in favor of the medical profession and large, corporate insurance companies whose lobbying efforts have paid off handsomely in terms of amending the Georgia statutes so as to compromise the rights of malpractice victims. Some formidable legal obstacles have been erected to discourage this type of litigation. No form of medical malpractice should be allowed to pass uncontested, but still many deserving victims continue to needlessly suffer without a champion for their cause. Don’t be inclined to accept that your suffering is a mere “complication” of an otherwise sound procedure. Our Atlanta medical malpractice attorney team at Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. is trained to take on and carefully scrutinize cases such as yours. We call out medical malpractice for what it is when we see it. And we are not afraid to take on behemoth health care syndicates and wealthy insurance franchises in our quest to procure for your family the full and just compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

Malpractice suits are tedious, legally complicated, time-consuming and ungodly expensive to pursue. They ultimately come down to a protracted contest between competing expert witnesses. Georgia law requires the sworn affidavit of a certified expert to substantiate your claim before the suit even gets out the door. That affidavit must be perfected according to formulas specified under  Georgia law that require the identification of the standard of care that was violated with specific reference to the exact manner in which such violation occurred. The expert must also describe in minute detail how that violation was the proximate cause of your injury or disability or death of a family member.

When the opposing party’s experts chime in to refute the testimony of your expert, other independent experts are needed to lend more credence to your claim. And so the battle rages on and on. By the time your case mercifully sees the inside of a courtroom it is not unexpected to have racked up a staggering bill of some eighty to one-hundred thousand dollars in attorney, expert witness and related fees. When several millions of dollars are at stake, this expenditure may seem like small potatoes to a fat, rich insurance company, but represents an unconscionable and insurmountable burden to the average citizen.

To make a long story short, Georgia medical malpractice laws were crafted to discourage suits by common citizens by making them too expensive to practically pursue. This gives a powerful advantage to the medical and insurance industries which wrote this dubious legislation to begin with. Overcoming this formidable challenge is the precise reason you need an elite Atlanta medical malpractice attorney team to champion your cause. At the law offices of Rowen and Klonoski, P.C. we level that tilted playing field for you by putting at your disposal our many years of well-honed experience and our firm’s financial resources.

At Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. we maintain a network of highly-skilled, medical professionals and biomedical engineers upon whom we can confidently rely to provide us with state-of-the-art measurements and research to render our claims on your behalf as irrefutable in a court of law. We advance ALL the costs of litigating your case, including ALL expert witness fees, from our firm’s own financial reserves so that you will NOT be burdened with any out-of-pocket expenses while we fight to procure for you and your family a settlement that will allow you to move forward with your life once again. With our combination of financial resources and legal expertise in your corner, should we accept your case, you are all but guaranteed of success.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice you will need the assistance of an experienced Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer. At Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. we have successfully handled such cases for many Atlanta area families over the years and we pledge to do no less for you. While we have indeed acquired some astoundingly generous settlements for our cherished clients over our many years in dealing with malpractice law, our greatest reward has always been, and will continue to be, the heartfelt gratitude that our family of clients has so generously bestowed upon us.

We invite you to become part of that family of successful clients too, as we help you to become whole once again after a debilitating experience with our flawed health care system. We want for you to move forward and onward to a better life. That better life is but a simple phone call away and available to you now at the law offices of Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. We patiently await your call; we are toll free at (800) 475-6182 or locally here in Atlanta at (404) 477-0959.  And, as token of our sincerity in our desire to serve you in the most sympathetic and expeditious manner, we offer that your initial consultation with us will be free of charge. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of peace, freedom and security to gain.  Don’t hesitate for a minute.


Choosing the Right Atlanta Malpractice Lawyers Can Make All the Difference

Working with an Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer who understands the facts gives you an advantage. We understand the facts.

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