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No one boards a plane, commercial or private, thinking the plane will crash.  But sometimes disaster does strike, not only in large commercial planes, but small private aircraft as well.

the Wrongful death of a loved one

When that tragedy occurs, often passengers do not survive. Their families are left with not only the tragedy of a loved one who has died, but also the task of finding the right legal representation to evaluate a wrongful death claim.  The evaluation of what person or entity is legally responsible is something that must be done by an experienced and skillful attorney.  Having the right Atlanta personal injury attorney to represent you is imperative.

Your personal injury attorney in Atlanta will work with family members and personal representatives of estates you to make sure the case is evaluated properly so that every person or corporation who might be responsible is included in the claim. It may be pilot error, or an engine part that stopped working, or a combination of causes.  There will be government records of its investigation.   It is imperative to do a thorough investigation prior to bringing a claim.

Plane accident overseas

Sometimes there is a legal bar to pursuing a claim in the United States, such as the fact that there is no connection between the airline and the United States. In that case, the only claim that may be available is the claim allowed under the appropriate international treaty or convention, which often amounts to very little.  Or the fact that you may have to sue in the jurisdiction where the plane crashed (which may be across the globe) and be governed by that country’s laws, not the laws of the state where you live.

Provide your Atlanta area legal representation with the following information:

  • Time, date, location, weather conditions;
  • Verbal or video evidence;
  • Information suggesting that a faulty part or parts led to the accident;
  • Medical bills and lost wages;

Whether you are involved in a commercial jet accident or a small plane mishap, the end result can be devastating.  Statistically, flying is safe.  But for the unlucky few, an investigation must be undertaken by the survivor or the deceased person’s relatives or estate. 


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