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Wrongful death occurs when a person dies due to the negligence or misconduct of another. Having to deal with the tragically sudden death of a loved one is the most difficult challenges families face. At the law offices of R&K, P.C. we have experienced the reality of such devastation first hand while fighting for our clients in over one hundred wrongful death cases. On a personal level, our attorneys and staff empathize and know the true depth of the loss experienced by each of our clients.  Professionally, we are motivated and committed to get our clients the financial security necessary.

While nothing can be more personal than the loss of a loved one, wrongful death claims in the legal arena ultimately require dealing with large, impersonal, profit-oriented insurance companies. These companies don't experience a wrongful death loss.  They experience a wrongful death claim. The insurance company's motivation is profit. Denial of a claim is a "win" for them. Likewise, payment of an amount  less than the true value of the loss is a win for these companies. Sometimes, when liability is clear (for example,  an automobile accident in which their insured runs a red light and kills someone), the insurance company might approach a bereaved individual or family with a “one time” settlement offer. It's a rule of thumb in the rough and tumble world of litigation that if an insurance company is being nice, either they are setting you up for the other shoe to drop, or they are trying to make a low-ball offer. After  a catastrophic loss for which their insured is clearly liable,  an insurance company may jump to Plan B:  quickly pay an amount that the family thinks is a lot of money and then have the paperwork place the burden of  medical bills, Medicare liens, Medicaid liens, health insurance subrogation on the surviving estate or surviving family members. Insurance companies never lose except in cases with an experienced attorney representing the family from the very beginning.

Our experienced Georgia wrongful death attorneys each have more than 30 years of experience handling wrongful death claims and lawsuits.  We have recovered millions of dollars for many individual clients and estates. We can often assess the strengths, weaknesses, and value  of a case in our initial meeting. We have taken on some of the most highly regarded defense firms in cases where the facts were not in our favor and have prevailed. When the facts are really in our favor, our reputation and negotiation skills have leveraged quick and substantial settlements.

What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is a catch-all phrase which covers death due to many factors and involves different areas of law, including accidents, worker's compensation, product liability, medical malpractice, and many others.  R&K, P.C. has handled wrongful death cases in many different legal areas.  To name a few:

  • motor vehicle accidents, car, truck, motorcycle, bus, train, 4-wheel or quads;
  • defective products or defective design;
  • government agencies who negligently fail to do their jobs;
  • premise liability cases where individuals are killed a business or indiviual's property;
  • bars or restaurants in which excessive alcohol was served;
  • restaurants that sell contaminated food;
  • corporations that injure people by putting profit ahead of safety;
  • unsafe doctors and hospitals - medical malpractice;

In the state of Georgia, a suit for wrongful death may be brought by the surviving spouse and/or children.  If the decedent did not have a surviving spouse or children, the parents (in the death  of a minor child) or the administrator or executor of the estate can bring a claim.  Parents may sue for the loss of a child provided that they were financially dependent upon the parent at the time of death. With the recent Supreme Court decision that now recognizes same-sex marriages, a bereaved partner in such a relationship now enjoys the same legal status  as any married couple with regard to their ability to bring a wrongful death lawsuit.  If you have a question regarding your legal standing, feel free to consult one of our skilled Georgia wrongful death attorneys at the law office of R&K, P.C. We would be pleased to discuss all of your legal options at no cost.  In fact, there is never any payment until we win.

Monetary Damages an Attorney Can Help Recover in an Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The monetary damages in a wrongful death suit generally involve economic damages (medical bills, lost wages, future lost wages etc.) and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.  Loss of companionship and other kinds of services the decedent provided to his spouse  are also recoverable. Punitive damages, which may come into play in cases of extreme negligence, must be decided by a jury and are generally much more difficult.  We will evaluate your claim and request all possible remedies.  When you hire us, you can be confident that have placed yourself in the hands of one of the most competent civil litigation teams in the State of Georgia.

We fully understand the stress and emotional trauma experienced by families of people who have died suddenly due to someone's negligence. In addition to having to cope with an irreplaceable loss, you may now have  financial worries, diminished income, mounting bills, and an ncertain future.  These burdens have been placed on you at a time when you are least able to deal with them. We and members of our legal staff at R&K, P.C. have stood in your shoes. We take pride in helping devastated Atlanta area families get back on their feet.  Our highest and most sought-after reward has always been the heartfelt gratitude of our family of clients. We invite you to become part of that family.  We will listen  as you describe your present circumstance and explain your legal options. The relief you seek is just a phone call away. At the law firm of R&K, P.C. we are toll free at (800) 475-6182 or we can be reached locally here in Atlanta at (404) 523-2844.  An attorney with decades of experience in wrongful death cases will personally speak with you.  Or visit us in our offices in downtown Atlanta.  There is no charge for the initial consultation, and if we take your case, we are paid nothing unless we win.

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